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How to make an appointment.​

Just call !  

Outside the 707 area code *82-707-478-3952

Within the 707 area code *82-478-3952

If you get my voicemail, listen to what it says,

and it will tell you what time to call back to reach me.

Although I do not require references, I am happy to be

your reference to another provider, after I have seen you.

Be sure to tell her the approximate date that you saw me,

and the phone number that you used when you contacted me.

Things that won't work for you:

Calling from a pay phone

Calling from a phone that has caller ID blocked

Calling from a phone that is not listed in your name

Calling from a burner phone

Discussing illegal activities

Offering me less than my fee

Looking too young for private activities

Thanks for your respect.

Hope to see you soon!

FBSM Santa Rosa Gretchen
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